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About Dog Training Geek

We're all about dog training with a mission..

To help change the way many perceive dog behavior problems and make more clear to owners how dogs think. We aim to help put an end to the misunderstanding between dogs and humans once and for all.

Publishing Original Content Since 2005

It began back in 2005 with the launch of our website all about Great Danes. As you may imagine, training a breed of this size and power that ironically, can be timid and fearful has its challenges. Since those early days back in 05, all about Great Danes has grown to the must-read authority site about the Great Dane breed.

With nearly 5,000 new visitors each and every day, I've had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of dog lovers from Countries Worldwide. And, the opportunity to help people with dog behavior, training, health and nutritional issues for over 10 years.

The idea for a site about dog training hit me when thinking.. Rather than sending countless emails and having private discussion that are often repetitive, why not pay forward training solutions as discussed with others as a guide for all? Makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Our Content & Articles

We strive to provide you with an informative, content rich website offering dog behavior and training solutions you can apply to every day life. Our promise is to try our best and publish articles in a way to achieve friendly communication, not over opinionated instruction using training terminology that can be hard to follow.

As you may imagine managing multiple dog related websites is time consuming so as editor, so I've called on a select few friends to assist with publishing DTG. This results in articles and content in which our close circle of experienced dog lovers, knowledgeable trainers and enthusiasts all contribute.

Yet our best kept secret is that many new topics and articles on training are actually spawned by real life challenges as worked through with other dog owners. Thanks should really be given to the thousands of people we've worked with over the years who have trusted in our advice and given us this opportunity.

How much more real can it get? We've got a passion for dogs and all things related, plus, loads of experience training problem dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our website about dog training is absolutely FREE and written without bias to help you train your dog. That's right, here at Dog Training Geek we offer help that is first hand and real life based on decades of experience with dog breeds LARGE to small.

I hope you love our newest site and that we can make a difference, one owner and one dog at a time.

Jeff Z, the DTG, jZ Canine & aaGD team.