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Our website provides FREE easy to understand dog training help and behavior solutions!

From informative articles written to address a multitude of behavior issues, FREE access to an extensive problem-solving library plus tips and techniques for all your training needs, the Geeks have you covered.

Unlike hundreds of other training websites, we promise no to be over opinionated, overwhelm you with training terminology, or provide tips and techniques written in expert training lanquage that's often hard to understand.

We aim to change the way many perceive dog behavior problems and make more clear to owners how dogs think, putting an end to the misunderstanding between dogs and humans once and for all! At the end of the day we hope to make a difference, one owner and one dog at a time

Why Dog Training Geek?

It's a sad fact that many dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters because of behavioral problems. Publishing and on line since 2005, I've helped many frustrated dog owners the past decade via email, phone and in person. From nippy Chihuahuas to out of control Great Danes, Pit Bulls to mixed breeds.. been there, done that and you can too!

Geek definition urban dictionary.

We are geeks of all things dog simply paying-forward info with many of our articles based on real life scenarios

Today's Geek is highly regarded, a person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. "Geeks get it done" and we're building an all inclusive FREE dog training resource for each and every dog lover.

By publishing proven tips and techniques to common problems we're giving you solutions that achieve results and work.

What We Offer

You will receive absolutely FREE techniques and tips including easy to follow guides on correcting many common dog behavior problems. We're your all inclusive on line resource of free, no nonsense, unbiased training information.

Your DTG Team has a passion for, has cared for, trained and loved many breeds from Great Danes to Chihuahuas, Labs, Mutts and more. Providing help and solving behavioral problems by "paying it forward" is the concept behind our website.

"Geeks Get it Done"
Chihuahua dog geek in glasses.

We've geeked dog training so you don't have to and are here to help. All your dog questions pertaining to behavior and training can be answered here. And, if you have specific problem that you need some help with, Contact Us and we'll reply by email or with a new article!


We're building this site for all including facts, first hand experience, friendly well written articles and graphics that are FREE to enjoy. You will not receive an over opinionated, one-sided, "I'm the expert" plate full of training here. We all learn by doing, this is human nature and we've learned a ton to share with you.

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